SchemaCrawler Database Diagramming

SchemaCrawler Database Diagramming

SchemaCrawler is a command-line tool that allows you to generate database diagrams, using Graphviz . You can filter out tables, views, columns, stored procedure and functions based on regular expressions, using the grep functionality.

To use generate SchemaCrawler diagrams, for install Graphviz . Then you can run SchemaCrawler with the correct command-line options - for example, -command graph -outputformat png -outputfile=graph.png See the diagram example in the SchemaCrawler examples download. An example of a SchemaCrawler database diagram is below.

You can provide additional GraphViz command-line options using the SC_GRAPHVIZ_OPTS environmental variable, or pass in the additional arguments using the SC_GRAPHVIZ_OPTS Java system property. SchemaCrawler does not set the dpi, or resolution of generated graphs. A useful GraphViz command-line option to set is -Gdpi=300.

You can decide whether foreign-key names, column ordinal numbers, and schema names are displayed by setting the following properties in the SchemaCrawler configuration file,


For more details, see the diagram example in the SchemaCrawler examples download.

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